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Our company's inspection data is used in a diverse range of situations including auctions, purchasing and retail. Our standards are also coordinated with the standards and suppliers of 6 companies, and meet virtually any need.
Types of car inspections

Auction inspection

Iauc preliminary inspection

Other inspection


Aucnet shared inventory inspection

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Manufacturer contracted inspections

 TAA, Honda AA, SUAA, BMW etc.

  Trade-in inspection proxy service

Lexus CPO inspection

Orix Imanori-kun


Car sensor certification inspection
2Types of motorcycle inspections
Auction inspection

AIS Training in Used Vehicle Inspection Skills

Users (consumers) have a strong belief that used vehicles cannot be purchased with peace-of-mind. This deep-rooted belief is likely a key reason why the used vehicle market lacks transparency.
However, the responsibility for that lack of transparency cannot all be placed on the sellers. The reason why is that, since the widespread adoption of the "accident car" concept (i.e., a car with a repair history)—which is the greatest reason for this lack of transparency—the word "accident car" has gotten ahead of itself, and neither dealers nor users have understood it correctly. Furthermore, there have been almost no organizations to indicate judgment criteria for repair histories, or how to read such histories correctly.
Therefore, as a third party organization specializing in vehicle inspection, AIS aims to be of service to all parties in order to further expand the entire industry. By making use of our auction inspection know-how—of more than 20 years for cars, and more than 10 years for motorcycles—we are working to provide inspection expertise, and thereby promote anxiety-free, trustworthy used vehicle distribution.

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